[etoys-dev] What is the best way to change what an object "says" with speech balloons?

Steve Thomas sthomas1 at gosargon.com
Fri Sep 10 00:58:02 EDT 2010


I was playing with Speech Balloons and I wanted to change what was being
said over time.  I used a holder to hold the "lines of text" and then tried
to iterate through the holder to have the character "say" the lines use
"say|Holder:player at cursor". The problem is when using that technique,
which I think will be a common mechanism kids may try, the text objects in
the holder "disapear" when the line is said which causes the character to
eventually say a "dot".

As I recall we had a discussion about whether the object in the balloon
should be a copy of the object referred to the actual object. The problem
with using the actual object is that it effectively moves the object and
when the "character" says something else or stops saying something the
object seems to dissapear (my guess is you just hide it).  The problem with
copying as I recall, was that you could lost the reference to the copy.

Any thoughts?

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