[etoys-dev] Background counts on Playfield and Holder?

Cherry Withers cwithers at ekindling.org
Wed Sep 8 03:45:27 EDT 2010

Ah I see. Got it. I always thought that anything drawn on the background
becomes part of that object (either the world, holder, or playfield) and
serve just as aesthetics.

I asked this question because I wanted to mimic some sort of a tea-party
game to teach basic division. I wanted to put pictures or draw pictures of
"friends" who will go to this party on each holder. My 4-year old and I
would play this where I would give her cookies which she tries to divide
equally amongst her friends.  Given your explanation Rita, I think I will
just differentiate the holders by colors.

Thank you!

On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 12:03 AM, Rita Freudenberg <
rita at isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de> wrote:

> On Sep 8, 2010, at 8:52 AM, Cherry Withers wrote:
> > Hi Team,
> >
> > Just noticed that drawing the background on these objects increases the
> collection count to 1.
> > It also considers the sketched background as another object within the
> Playfield or Holder.
> > Just wondering what the the reasoning behind for this.
> When you draw something, it is always a new object. When you get the halo
> for the newly painted object, open the menu icon. You can see there, that
> the option "be locked" is clicked by default. So you cannot pick it up etc.
> But if you change this option, you can drag it around just like any other
> object you have painted.
> I tried this yesterday when I worked on the UserInterface chapter about the
> world, because this behaves the same way. I wrote a short sentence in 3.1.2.
> Rita
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Cherry
> >
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