[etoys-dev] 4.1 Release Notes Questions

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Sep 7 07:51:05 EDT 2010

On 07.09.2010, at 06:32, Steve Thomas wrote:

> Can someone provide more details on the following items from the release notes:
> control-right click to resize objects"

You can move an object with the right mouse button. It not only pops up the halo but when you drag without letting go of the button you move the object. 

The new behavior is that if you hold the Ctrl key down when right-clicking, dragging will resize instead of move.
> can store preferences - how do I do this? Is this simply that the "Save Personal Preferences now works and didn't before?
No. Those save/restore options on the first page of the preferences should all be removed / hidden, they don't work as expected in Etoys.

To make a preference permanent, use its menu:

The preference gets stored in the "secure" user folder. On the Mac that is your "Library/Application Support/Etoys" folder. On Unix it is ".etoys" and on Windows I think somewhere called "AppData".

You can only store preferences if you are not yet in sandbox mode.

> Also found the following items in Tracker not mentioned in Release notes for which more details (where to find/how to use) would be appreciated):
> Add getter/setter for SoundPlayer reverb

That is not in yet, it is only marked for testing (we use "resolved" to mean that, JIRA doesn't support our real work flow well).

> menu option "definition of word" - where do I find this?

In the context menu for Smalltalk code.

> Copying text out of lists does not work

Smalltalk code tools, too.

> Overlaps-any has some offset - Not sure how overlaps any works, is this related to overlapping siblings?

Isn't that in the user's manual? :)

"whether I overlap a given object or one of its siblings or similar objects" is the balloon help ;)

Not needed for the release notes IMHO.
> Sound Recorder does not have a "save" scripting tile - this had a fix for adding save tiles to the the Sound Recorder, but it is NOT in Etoys 4.1 (.cs with fix is in SQ-643, the file in works in 4.0 but not in 4.1 beta)
Again, only resolved ("ready for testing"), not closed ("included").

> Also the Release Notes state: "also need proper attributions" For this I am putting the name(s) of the developers associated with tickets I find in tracker.

Well, not all issues were tracked. But we don't have to attribute any single change, but we should mention all the people who contributed, in a paragraph towards the end, IMHO. 

- Bert -

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