[etoys-dev] List of candidates for inclusion in 4.1

Steve Thomas sthomas1 at gosargon.com
Mon Sep 6 22:44:31 EDT 2010

Steve's mail didn't get through because he used a different mail address. Forwarding below.

SQ-732 is trivial to fix, I'll enable the preference in the release candidate.

For SQ-778 a workaround would be to disable pasting graphics from other applications. Would that be desirable? Drag-and-drop would still work.

SQ-779 is serious, all shared flaps (even user-created ones) get destroyed and replaced by the standard flaps (navigator+supplies). The fix may be simple but needs good testing in different locales. I'll take a look unless someone beats me to it.

The other fixes might indeed be simple, so if anyone wants to tackle them, go ahead. It's a bit late in release cycle for them, but if there is a fix by Thursday morning, fine. When the release candidate has been built we're entering hard code freeze, only really serious fixes go in after that. 

- Bert -

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> From: Steve Thomas <sthomas1 at gosargon.com>
> Date: 7. September 2010 04:44:31 MESZ
> To: Randy Caton <rcaton at cnu.edu>
> Cc: Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de>, Cherry Withers <cwithers at ekindling.org>, etoys-dev dev <etoys-dev at squeakland.org>, Avigail Snir <avigail at snir.org>
> Subject: Re: Errors in Demon Castle (Etoys 4.1.2384)
> Here is my list of candidates for inclusion in 4.1:
> SQ-778	Copying objects between projects copies a Sketch and not the object
> SQ-779	If I drop an object in the Supplies Bin, it disappears when I switch projects.
> SQ-732	Make "usePopUpArrows" preference default value "true" to make it easier to click on Arrows in scripting tiles
> Without SQ-778 or SQ-779 I have no easily discoverable way to package up and re-use objects (or sets of objects) in another project other than rebuilding from scratch.  I do not always want to re-mix an existing project as I may not realize until after I have already done considerable work that I want to use something from a different project.  The way you can get around this is to build your own Quick Guides (nice feature), but then you need to be able to save them in the Quick Guides folder for your language.  Which on a Mac requires you know enough to open the Etoys "package" and I am not sure how or if you can easily do this on an XO.
> Really Nice if simple quick safe fixes:
> SQ-547	When "Publishing a Project" the focus should be in Username
> SQ-651
> Default font for connector label is too small 
> IMO: Fixing this makes it a better candidate for replacing PowerPoint in the classroom
> SQ-652
> Connector label position

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