[etoys-dev] Need Release Notes

Ted Kaehler Ted at vpri.org
Thu Sep 2 13:55:32 EDT 2010


At 4:03 PM +0200 9/2/10, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>* fix QuickGuides showing up twice (if name in index differed from 
>file name), or not at all (if not in index)

This never happened before our alpha, so we don't need to mention it.

Do mention:  QuickGuides all put into folders by language.
	QuickGuide is allowed to have index.txt for do specify the 
order of guides in a category and the full UTF-8 name of the guide in 
its own language.
	Users can create their own QuickGuides for their own 
curriculum.  These new guides can be in categories.  The category 
name must be only one word (the first word of the guide name).


Ted Kaehler
Viewpoints Research Institute

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