[etoys-dev] (SQ-749) and Kathleen's question on "What do you mean by Artifacts?"

K. K. Subramaniam kksubbu.ml at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 03:20:19 EDT 2010

On Monday 23 Aug 2010 5:27:30 pm Alan Kay wrote:
> Please do follow through with your plan of asking for 3 (or 20) things -- 
> thoughtful comments like yours are like gold for us.
While we are on the wishlist collection mode, here is mine based on 
observations of how kids use Etoys :

* Make Color Picker a persistent widget like Trash or Catalog and put current 
color rectangle at cursor point. The widget will work in two modes - dropper 
and picker. In dropper mode, colors can be dragged from this palette and 
dropped onto morphs to change their color. Hand changes to a dropper icon when 
it holds a color. In color tracking mode, the current color floats over color 
under Hand on mouseDown.

* add GrabFlood tool (like grab image and lasso) to Supplies.

* add Silhouette tool to extract a silhoutte sketch out of a morph.

* allow a morph to be used a stencil. i.e. use it to "cut" a sketch out of a 
playfield. E.g. pressing a translucent rectangle in world to extract a sketch 
is more intuitive and flexible than grab image.

* Allow morphs to be embedded, stamped or stencil into other morphs by 
pressing and holding it over a base morph. The candidates for embedding should 
be determined from cursor point and not the held morph's reference point.

* Reveal Pen (e.g. ellipse with color) in a morph's halo. Gray it out if pen 
is up. Allow pen size and color to be changed directly like reference point.

* drop morphic menu items on viewer to automatically create a tile for it.

* dropping a player's script onto the viewer of another player to make a copy 
for that player.

* add sensors like gps, fan, battery level, temperature, camera, mic as 
variables in World.


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