[etoys-dev] Tile for "after x seconds do"

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sun Oct 3 09:49:16 EDT 2010

One of the most requested features in Etoys is the ability to "wait" in a script.

While a wait tile is almost impossible to implement properly with the current Etoys design, adding a tile that schedules another script after a certain delay should be comparatively simple. In fact, the existing "do script" tile actually does that, it schedules the named script for execution after a 1 ms delay. 

What needs to be done would be to add a tile with a numeric type-in similarly to the first color swatch in the "color sees" tile. This is not actually an argument tile (Etoys tiles can only have at most one argument) but just a modifier to the tile itself. While not exactly trivial, this should not be too hard to implement either. There is no precedent except the color-sees tile. Follow senders of color:sees: for the special-casing needed ...

I entered this as feature idea at


If anyone would like to have this, vote for it on the tracker. 

And if anyone wants to implement it, go ahead ;)

- Bert -

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