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Add README for Etoys-To-Go

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Added: trunk/VM/to-go/README.txt
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+Macintosh: double-click "Etoys To Go"
+Linux: double-click etoys.sh
+Windows: double-click Etoys.exe
+The main purpose of Etoys-To-Go is for putting it on a USB thumb drive. It
+does not require to install anything on a machine's hard disk. All the files
+are in one directory, including the Etoys projects you save. That makes it
+easy to take transport projects e.g. between home and school.
+You can also drag Etoys-To-Go.app to your desktop and use it from there.
+This is useful if for example your institution's policy does not allow to
+install applications. If you can, it still is better to use the installer
+version because that will also install the Web Browser Plugin so you can
+see Etoys projects on the web without having to download them.
+The directory structure for packaging Squeak applications for multiple
+platforms (such as Etoys-To-Go) was developed in 2006 by Bert Freudenberg
+while working on impara's "Plopp" drawing tool for kids. It won the 2006
+ESUG Smalltalk Technology Innovation Award. The trick is in (ab)-using
+the Macintosh bundle structure to by adding Virtual Machines for other
+platforms like Windows and Linux. The image and other files are shared
+between all platforms.

Added: trunk/installers/unix/README
--- trunk/installers/unix/README	2010-09-29 20:57:21 UTC (rev 605)
+++ trunk/installers/unix/README	2010-10-01 13:41:14 UTC (rev 606)
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+The installers/unix directory is currently unused.
+Etoys is packaged by Linux distributions using the sources
+hosted at Sugar Labs:

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