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Sat May 29 07:51:46 EDT 2010

Karl Ramberg uploaded a new version of Tools to project Etoys:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Tools-kfr.2
Author: kfr
Time: 29 May 2010, 1:51:37 pm
UUID: 7ae07604-07c6-cf40-9246-22549542587c
Ancestors: Tools-bf.1

Offer a menu in the seach pane of MessageName tool. Now possible to paste with mouse :-)

=============== Diff against Tools-bf.1 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: MessageNames>>inMorphicWindowWithInitialSearchString: (in category 'initialization') -----
  inMorphicWindowWithInitialSearchString: initialString
  	"Answer a morphic window with the given initial search string, nil if none"
  "MessageNames openMessageNames"
  	| window selectorListView firstDivider secondDivider horizDivider typeInPane searchButton plugTextMor |
  	window _ (SystemWindow labelled: 'Message Names') model: self.
  	firstDivider _ 0.07.
  	secondDivider _ 0.5.
  	horizDivider _ 0.5.
  	typeInPane _ AlignmentMorph newRow vResizing: #spaceFill; height: 14.
  	typeInPane hResizing: #spaceFill.
  	typeInPane listDirection: #leftToRight.
  	plugTextMor _ PluggableTextMorph on: self
  					text: #searchString accept: #searchString:notifying:
+ 					readSelection: nil menu: #codePaneMenu:shifted:.
- 					readSelection: nil menu: nil.
  	plugTextMor setProperty: #alwaysAccept toValue: true.
  	plugTextMor askBeforeDiscardingEdits: false.
  	plugTextMor acceptOnCR: true.
  	plugTextMor setTextColor: Color brown.
  	plugTextMor setNameTo: 'Search'.
  	plugTextMor vResizing: #spaceFill; hResizing: #spaceFill.
  	plugTextMor hideScrollBarsIndefinitely.
  	plugTextMor setTextMorphToSelectAllOnMouseEnter.
  	searchButton _ SimpleButtonMorph new 
  		target: self;
  		label: 'Search';
  		actionSelector: #doSearchFrom:;
  		arguments: {plugTextMor}.
  	searchButton setBalloonText: 'Type some letters into the pane at right, and then press this Search button (or hit RETURN) and all method selectors that match what you typed will appear in the list pane below.  Click on any one of them, and all the implementors of that selector will be shown in the right-hand pane, and you can view and edit their code without leaving this tool.'.
  	typeInPane addMorphFront: searchButton.
  	typeInPane addTransparentSpacerOfSize: 6 at 0.
  	typeInPane addMorphBack: plugTextMor.
  	initialString isEmptyOrNil ifFalse:
  		[plugTextMor setText: initialString].
  	window addMorph: typeInPane frame: (0 at 0 corner: horizDivider @ firstDivider).
  	selectorListView _ PluggableListMorph on: self
  		list: #selectorList
  		selected: #selectorListIndex
  		changeSelected: #selectorListIndex:
  		menu: #selectorListMenu:
  		keystroke: #selectorListKey:from:.
  	selectorListView menuTitleSelector: #selectorListMenuTitle.
  	window addMorph: selectorListView frame: (0 @ firstDivider corner: horizDivider @ secondDivider).
  	window addMorph: self buildMorphicMessageList frame: (horizDivider @ 0 corner: 1@ secondDivider).
  		addLowerPanesTo: window 
  		at: (0 @ secondDivider corner: 1 at 1) 
  		with: nil.
  	initialString isEmptyOrNil ifFalse:
  		[self searchString: initialString notifying: nil].
  	^ window!

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