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Thu May 27 14:41:06 EDT 2010

A new version of GetText was added to project Etoys:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: GetText-KR.8
Author: KR
Time: 28 May 2010, 1:16:58 am
UUID: c3293c66-7afd-b94d-9178-f6110e74b811
Ancestors: GetText-Richo.7

+ Fix class comment of GetTextExporter.
+ To modify structure of POs/PO that GetTextExporter creates to:

=============== Diff against GetText-Richo.7 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: GetTextExporter>>dirNameDomain:translator: (in category 'exporting') -----
  dirNameDomain: domain translator: translator 
  	"Answer a file name for the domain. Make one if it is not exist yet.
  	Make template file name if translator is nil"
  	"self new dirNameDomain: 'etoys' translator:
  	NaturalLanguageTranslator current"
  	"self new dirNameDomain: 'etoys' translator: nil"
  	| fileName dirName pathName |
  	"safeCategory := category copyReplaceAll: ' ' with: '_'."
+ 	fileName := domain, 
+ 						(translator
+ 							ifNil: ['.pot']
+ 							ifNotNil: ['.po']).
+ 	dirName := 'po', FileDirectory slash, 
+ 								(translator 
+ 										ifNil: ['templates'] 
+ 										ifNotNil: [translator localeID posixName]). 
- 	fileName := translator
- 				ifNil: [domain , '.pot']
- 				ifNotNil: [translator localeID posixName , '.po'].
- 	dirName := 'po', FileDirectory slash, domain.
  	pathName := dirName , FileDirectory slash , fileName.
  	(FileDirectory default directoryNamed: dirName) assureExistence.
  	^ pathName!

Item was changed:
  Object subclass: #GetTextExporter
  	instanceVariableNames: 'stream'
  	classVariableNames: ''
  	poolDictionaries: ''
  	category: 'GetText-Editor'!
  !GetTextExporter commentStamp: '<historical>' prior: 0!
  Export translations to gettext format divided into categories.
  "Export gettext template files"
+ GetTextExporter new exportTemplate.
- GetTextExporter2 new exportTemplate.
  "Export translation files for current locale"
+ GetTextExporter new exportTranslator: (InternalTranslator newLocaleID: LocaleID current).
- GetTextExporter2 new exportTranslator: (InternalTranslator newLocaleID: LocaleID current).
  "Export all gettext template and po files."
+ GetTextExporter exportAll.
- GetTextExporter2 exportAll.
+ !
- "To register a class category as a new domain"
- TextDomainManager registerClassCategory: 'Morphic-Books' domain: 'Book'.
- "Remove a class category"
- TextDomainManager unregisterClassCategory: 'Morphic-Books'.!

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