[etoys-dev] Re: Why are these strings processed with translatedInAllDomains?

Ricardo Moran richi.moran at gmail.com
Thu May 27 13:15:44 EDT 2010

It uses #translatedInAllDomains when it can't find a translation in the
correct domain. Using the spanish locale it doesn't sends
#translatedInAllDomains. I see that System/ja.po doesn't have the
translation for '(case-insensitive)' so I guess that's the reason it looks
for it in all domains.

However, to decide if a translation was found it compares the translation
with the original string to see if they're different. This won't work in the
english case because all strings and translations are the same.


On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 1:45 PM, Korakurider <korakurider at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, Richo
> Seeing transcript, I noticed some strings are translated with
> #translatedInAllDomains wrongly.
> For an instance,  in #browseMethodsWithString:matchCase: ,
>   '(case insensitive)' translated
> emits that transcript message.  It should be translated in System domain.
> Could you look into this?
> /Korakurider (I am using dev image)
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