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Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue May 25 06:37:06 EDT 2010

On 25.05.2010, at 07:04, Ricardo Moran wrote:
> I uploaded to the Inbox because I saw a lot of weird changes I didn't mean. The only one I meant was LocaleID>>#displayName.
> Please ignore this commit. BTW, how do you remove a bad commit from the inbox?

Using the source.squeak.org web interface. Move it to "Etoys Treated".

> And how do I clean the package to upload only what I want?

MOFile should be in GetText not System now. If you click "Changes" in the MC browser to compare your working copy to the version in the repo, it should only show the changes you intended to make. Check both GetText and System packages in this case.

So just moving around things might work. In other cases it's simpler to revert to the published version and re-apply your changes (e.g., open a version list for all methods you intended to change, then load the published version, then revert the methods you want changed).

All these problems can usually be avoided by publishing and updating often so that images do not get too far out of sync. Your changes have been lingering in the inbox for too long - this is not impossible to deal with, but harder than necessary.

One thing that Monticello does not support well is having "private" changes - it always commits a package as it is found in the image. The only way to do that is putting non-public changes into a separate package. Or use two images - one with all your experimental code and a clean one for publishing changes.

- Bert -

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