[etoys-dev] Issue - working textual code in an old project does not recompile

David Corking lists at dcorking.com
Tue May 25 04:58:34 EDT 2010

I came across  a possible issue.  I found a project where textual code
would not compile, because Etoys couldn't
resolve the name of a player to a class.

I opened this project of Bert's from 2008
with Etoys 4

There is a textual script pane already open.  I made a small edit to
it (changed one of the constants) and typed command-s to accept it.
Squeak's pop-up menu for unrecognized names appeared: it didn't
recognize Carousel.

It seems the code itself was fine.  I was able to discard the script,
and make a new one with the same name, and paste the code into it.  I
could then edit and compile it to my heart's content, to modify the

I don't know enough about the compiler to fix it.  If you think this
is an issue, I will post it in the bug tracker, and leave it to others
to verify and perhaps fix.


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