[etoys-dev] CameraMorph testing

karl ramberg karlramberg at gmail.com
Mon May 24 15:42:30 EDT 2010

Sounds nice.

A horizontal flip image effect would be nice for the camera tracking.
It's confusing with the way it is now.


On Mon, May 24, 2010 at 7:07 PM, Derek O'Connell <doconnel at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Karl,
> thanks for testing and for your suggestions. I've reworked the CameraMorph
> quite a lot since uploading and do plan to supply instructions and example
> projects sometime soon. The ColorTracking is now a "Vfx" morph, as are the
> effects from the ScratchPlugin, and I have been looking at the integrating
> the VPFiltersPlugin from VideoFlow.
> I've been distracted by XO issues so excuse the delay but I will try and
> get another upload done tonight (mc packages if time allows).
> -D
> On 24/05/10 16:53, karl ramberg wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have tested the CameraMorph project and it is very nice.
>> You can get it here.
>> http://www.doconnel.force9.co.uk/squeak/CameraPlugin-Linux.tar.gz
>> I had to download
>> http://download.scratch.mit.edu/WinScratch1.4.zip
>> Unzip and get the CameraPlugin.dll and put it in the Etoys vm directory to
>> meke this work on Windows XP.
>> So far it looks good. Filed in files as described it ReadMe.
>> I did not find any bugs yet :-)
>> It took a few moments for me to find the settings to turn the camera
>> on,and
>> track color etc.
>> Maybe these controls could be added to the CameraMorph handle menu as well
>> ?
>> Maybe a row of controls on the CameraMorph it self ?
>> Camera:controll live feed, next frame and skip frames. It is a little
>> unclear what all these controls are for
>> Ah, found a bug:
>> Set Camera's frame rate to zero: BANG!
>> In Camera:tracking we should enable World geometry to be able to get the
>> World dimensions so 'Camera's world height' and 'Camera's world width'
>> could
>> be removed...
>> If the tracking could be spun off in a primitive it would be possible to
>> get
>> much better result
>> The FX where not part of this package.
>> Great work
>> Karl
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