[etoys-dev] CameraMorph testing

karl ramberg karlramberg at gmail.com
Mon May 24 11:53:07 EDT 2010

I have tested the CameraMorph project and it is very nice.
You can get it here.
I had to download
Unzip and get the CameraPlugin.dll and put it in the Etoys vm directory to
meke this work on Windows XP.

So far it looks good. Filed in files as described it ReadMe.

I did not find any bugs yet :-)

It took a few moments for me to find the settings to turn the camera on,and
track color etc.
Maybe these controls could be added to the CameraMorph handle menu as well ?
Maybe a row of controls on the CameraMorph it self ?

Camera:controll live feed, next frame and skip frames. It is a little
unclear what all these controls are for

Ah, found a bug:
Set Camera's frame rate to zero: BANG!

In Camera:tracking we should enable World geometry to be able to get the
World dimensions so 'Camera's world height' and 'Camera's world width' could
be removed...
If the tracking could be spun off in a primitive it would be possible to get
much better result

The FX where not part of this package.

Great work

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