[etoys-dev] npsqueakrun hack on Ubuntu

K. K. Subramaniam kksubbu.ml at gmail.com
Thu May 20 14:45:17 EDT 2010


I had to hack npsqueakrun script to workaround a problem in npsqueakrun that 
caused it to fail in Ubuntu. The seventh argument (script) is empty and gets 
lost in the last exec. So the startup code in the image got one argument less 
and that messed up the param value pairs. I passed /dev/null to workaround 
this problem.

With this hack, npsqueak.so plugin works with any image ($IMAGEFILE), vm 
(VMDIR) and no root permissions

 mkdir ~/.npsqueak
 cp npsqueak.so ~/.npsqueak
 ln -s ~/.npsqueak/npsqueak.so ~/.mozilla/plugins

 cp $IMAGEFILE ~/.npsqueak/SqueakPlugin.image
 ln -s $VMDIR ~/.npsqueak/vmdir

Turn off 'warn if ...' preferences in Preferences->general for a development 
image. Copy attached npsqueakrun file to $HOME/.npsqueak/ directory.

I was able to browse through projects in showcase using Firefox and Konqueror. 
Konqi crashes in npsqueak.so sometimes while exiting projects but the project 
itself works fine.

I am posting the hack to discuss if we really need a separate npsqueakrun 
script? if npsqueak passes /dev/null for script then npsqueak can be symlinked 
directly to vmdir/bin/squeak.

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