[etoys-dev] POT/PO extraction

Korakurider korakurider at gmail.com
Thu May 20 02:59:53 EDT 2010


I am testing PO/POT extraction of Ricardo's the latest snapshot and
noticed a few problems.

(1) Each PO/POT has following records:

------- (from here)
#: Language name as you'd like it to appear in the Languages menu
msgid "Language-Name"
msgstr ""

#: Scale to apply to font size (2 for twice as large)
msgid "Font-Scale"
msgstr ""

#: Directionality of language
msgid "Language-Direction"
msgstr ""

#: Use this if you do not want any of the text to be bolded, for legibility
msgid "Suppress-Bold"
msgstr ""

#: Font to use on a Windows system
msgid "Win-Font"
msgstr ""

#: Font to use on a Mac system
msgid "Mac-Font"
msgstr ""

#: Font to use on a Linux system
msgid "Linux-Font"
msgstr ""
---- (to here)

I think these were introduced to mimic Scratch's settings management.
Scratch doesn't use compiled MO but PO file.  And PO contains translation
records and language specific settings like scale of display.
But settings in compiled MO cannot be tweaked at deployment,
so this is not appropriate for storage of such settings.
And almost all of strings above are not used by code at first place.
You could confirm by reviewing actual code.

So how about removing them (except "Language-Name" and "Language-Direction" )
from POT/PO for now?

(2) "Language-Name" and "Language-Direction" are properties of some locale.
So entering them in all PO's would be odd.
Where do you think appropriate place for entering "Language-Name"?

("Language-Direction" is not used from current code actually.  So we
could even remove it from PO for now)

(3) name of default domain is handled wrongly.  Both Etoys/ja.po and
'Etoys'/ja.po are exported.
It seems that 'Etoys'/ja.po contains strings of *orphan" methods that
doesn't belong to any package.

(4) Btw 'Etoys'/ja.po contains strings that are marked as translatable
in textual script  of Home project.
Do we really want translation of loaded project like Home managed in
default domain?


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