[etoys-dev] Etoys developer chat log

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue May 18 19:49:50 EDT 2010

Hi all,

there was another Monday developer chat yesterday, this time without me (I couldn't miss Alan's birthday lunch, sorry). But it was interesting anyway:

* we will be present at Linuxtag in Berlin
* everyone is excited about Ricardo's progress in the GSoC project
* Rita gave a keynote speech in Portugal, kids there are using a Smallland-derived image. How to make those projects run in Etoys?
* Steve still has problems uploading to the showcase, problem not identified yet
* Derek's ALSA fix for XO looking good, new CameraPlugin emailed to Ian, WebCam morph and "effects" morphs nearly ready for packaging, looking into VideoFlow next

Full log below, as usual. And see you next Monday, same time:


(I did not get any response last week about using another time slot) 

- Bert -

<matmo> hi all
<ritaf> hi
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<ritaf> hi
<karlram> hi
<MrSteve> hi
<karlram> meeting started?
<ritaf> bert isn't here today, so we can start right now :)
<karlram> ok
<karlram> any have any topics for today ?
<karlram> anybody
<ritaf> hm, it doesn't seems so ...
<karlram> ok
<ritaf> since we had no edu meeting last week, I don't have new things from there
<ritaf> and as I see, Ricardo, Randy and Steve are very active discussing GSoC issues on the mails
<ritaf> by the way, we will have a shared booth with Sugar and opther education projects at Linuxtag in Berlin
<karlram> yeah, i have seen plenty of stuff happen with gsof
<karlram> gsoc
<karlram> very nice
<karlram> linuxtag sounds nice
<jecel> ritaf: that's great! You can't depend on just the internet to make people aware of Etoys and stuff like it
<ritaf> I do have 2 students, who will show off Etoys the whole days ...
<karlram> much of it benefit from being introduced
<karlram> by people with deeper knoledge
<ritaf> and to be on the booth together with Sugar labs makes discussing issues easier, too.
<karlram> knowledhe
<karlram> lol
<ritaf> :)
<ritaf> I have been in Portugal last week, gave a talk at a conference to teachers. they hope to get Etoys into their curriculum
<ritaf> unfortunately, they aren't using Etoys 4, but an uncompatible version, based on smalland, I think
<karlram> curriculum material is a must
<karlram> yeah, smalland was big in spain and portugal
<ritaf> they do have a book, and more materials will follow. they even translated Kathleen's quick guides in a short time
<ritaf> I'm afraid there is no way to make their projects usable with Etoys 4?
<karlram> didn't they translate the b ook by kim rose?
<ritaf> yes, they did.
<ritaf> and they have their governmental program where all kids in school can get cheap laptops
<karlram> i'm not sure about compability
<jecel> Making the projects compatible is not an easy problem to solve
<jecel> Andreas has proposed one solution, I plan to work on another
<jecel> But these will take a while to develop
<ritaf> we should put an explanation on the website
<karlram> yup
<ritaf> time and again, someone stumbles over the other versions
<karlram> jecel: projects are really hard to make right
<jecel> One of the major goals of Scratch was to avoid this problem by only having one version forever and ever. That didn't work out, though they haven't gotten into too much trouble yet
<ritaf> jecel: it is great that you are working on it! Even if it takes time. I thought that we had to live with it.
<MrSteve> Scratch is still young give them time.
<MrSteve> Is anyone else having problems posting to Squeakland? I can never seem to log in via Etoys
<ritaf> hm, I can log in
<ritaf> but I never tried to post from with Etoys, just opened projects
<ritaf> I will try the other way
<karlram> i have not posted projects in a while
<MrSteve> '500')
<MrSteve> Sorry, every time I try and login I get Internal Server Error '500'
<ritaf> I don't have problems connecting.
<karlram> Hm, i don't have etoys on this machine..
<karlram> cant test
<ritaf> do you think it has something to do with firewall or network issues? or operating system? I'm on a mac.
<MrSteve> hmmm, okay well then must be my account, at least its not impacting others.
<karlram> proxie is notoriuously hard
<MrSteve> No  don't think its a firewall issue, have tried from various spots, I will setup a test account and see if I can narrow down the cause.
<matmo> news, ALSA fix for XO looking good, new CameraPlugin emailed to Ian, WebCam morph and "effects" morphs nearly ready for packaging
<karlram> cool
<ritaf> great!
<karlram> is it the effects from scratch ?
<matmo> having fun viewing distorted video of myself, disturbing :-)
<matmo> karlram: yep, first set from ScratchPlugin, next set from VideoFlow
<karlram> wide flow is nice.
<karlram> video flow
<matmo> plus your colour tracking and any other feature detection quickies I can come up with. Suggestions welcome.
<karlram> can it do still image collor correction to ?
<matmo> VideoFlow, yes nice, after current work I'm going to look at fixing that and VideoForSqueak, then AV via GStreamer
<matmo> I don't know how colour correction works but I will look into it
<karlram> it should just work with vido flow :-)
<karlram> http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/2411
<karlram> video flow
<karlram> yet another nice to have project
<karlram> well
<karlram> got to go
<karlram> kids to put to sleep
<karlram> bye
<matmo> bye
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<matmo> oop's time for me to go too, bye all
<ritaf> bye!
<MrSteve> bye

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