[etoys-dev] Re: Need for translation in DrGeo

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue May 18 15:11:31 EDT 2010

On 18.05.2010, at 10:36, Hilaire Fernandes wrote:
> 2010/5/18 Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de>
> I don't think anyone intends to do big changes to DrGeoII. But I do expect smaller ones as Etoys evolves, that should be simple for you to integrate back into your version. And of course you can always submit a better way to do something, if you think what someone else changed was not right.
> Okay, my vision will be the one of the Debian packaging policy:  the source package are also included in the Debian repository, along patches to comply with the Debian distribution.

That is pretty much how it is going to work. You as upstream author submit a package version. It will have your initials. Other people patch it, their versions will have other initials. Then you can merge these changes upstream and submit a new version with your initials. But it's always possible to tell the difference between two versions, that's what Monticello was made for.

> If appropriate the packager takes contact with the upstream author to move upstream some changes.

If there is someone volunteering as packager, sure. Maybe you are :)

> Same, I will keep upstream .pot and .po files with all the string to be translated.

I guess you can use some of the GNU gettext tools to split and merge translations as needed.

- Bert -

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