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Nikolay Suslov nsuslovi at gmail.com
Thu May 13 03:25:59 EDT 2010


I have been tested Etoys dev image with CameraPlugin on Mac OS X 10.5.8 /
Windows Vista SP1 (binary plugin from Scratch).
It works great!
And in other images too.
For example, Croquet Hedgehog based image with video-window in 3D croquet
space (using new Camera plugin):


<matmo> For anyone who would like to test new CameraPlugin, preview here:
> http://www.doconnel.force9.co.uk/squeak/CameraPlugin-Linux.tar.gz
> <matmo> should work on both xo's and at least Ubuntu 9.10
> <bertf> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XO_1.5_USB_Keyboard
> <karlram> linux only?
> <bertf> matmo: Yay!
> <bertf> karlram: copy the CameraPlugin from Scratch ....
> <matmo> karlram: Scratch has the Windows plugin
> <bertf> should work on Mac and Win too
> <karlram> ok
> <karlram> i'll look at it
> <bertf> that is soo cool! we'll have camera support on all platforms. Matmo
> is da man! :)
> <bertf> the Linux tar.gz includes the changesets for testing
> <matmo> well, you already had VideoForLinux plugin
> <bertf> so in theory that should work on the other platforms too
> <bertf> matmo: but as long as we didn't have it for the other platforms we
> couldn't really promote it
> <matmo> bert, no, just file-out's atm. cs + mc to follow when I have the fx
> morphs ready
> <bertf> that's fine, if someone really wants to test it, it's there :)
> <matmo> bertf: yes, I appreciate any feedback from testing
> <matmo> I've had it running three camera's at the same time
> <bertf> neat
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