[etoys-dev] Morphic-Scripting

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed May 12 19:17:31 EDT 2010

Am 12.05.2010 um 15:20 schrieb karl ramberg:
> There are some Etoy classes left in Morphic-Scripting and Morphic-Scripting tiles 
> These should be in Etoy package, right ?

Makes sense :)

Your update worked, if only by accident. Moving stuff from one package to another is tricky. You can see that after updating, the Morphic package is marked dirty.

It worked because in the config map, the Etoys package comes before the Morphic package. When loading your Etoys package, classes are moved to Etoys, making the Morphic package dirty. Merging the Morphic package next does not reset that dirty mark.

It would have been worse when moving the other way - then the classes would have been removed first, and then re-loaded later. That would have created obsolete instances.

If we ever need to, it is possible to put a "small" config map into the update stream that just updates the two packages in the right order.

Not sure how to reset the "dirty" bit of the Morphic package. One can do it in the MC browser by pressing "changes". We might put something similar into the update stream. Or fix MC upgrades to check for changes after merging ... that might be a better idea.

And here is a hint for everyone submitting MC packages: before publishing, *always* check the changes (press MC's changes button) so you are sure that only changes you want to publish are included.

- Bert -

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