[etoys-dev] Special cases to decide translation domain

Korakurider korakurider at gmail.com
Tue May 11 06:05:13 EDT 2010

Hi there.
With Ricardo's great work we are thinking to split translation domains based on
package that method belongs to.
This seems basically good, but there are cases we should look into carefully:
How do you think?

(1) sugar activity based on etoys.
Old examples are Karl's FreeCell and Bert's DiceWars and Stef's BotInc
that I experimented L10n.
The code is just a changeset dynamically loaded on startup of the activity.
In initialization code register mapping to TextDomain dynamically.
(You could review Current DrGeoII that is localized by this scheme)

Old legacy TextDomainManager works well for this purpose.
I think that stuff will be still needed even if we implement splitting
of text domain based on package.

(2) #translatedNoop sent and #translated in different place (package)
      wordings and help message for tiles are declared in each morph's
slot definition code.
     (WsWorldSthethoscopeMorph>>(class)additionsToViewerCategories for

      Strings for tiles that belongs various package will be
translated in some central place.
      So #translated can't decide correct text domain based on
sender's method property.

There are about 200-300 instances that we will need to review.


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