[etoys-dev] Linux browser plugin

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue May 11 01:14:52 EDT 2010

Hi Ian,

I finally got to wrap my head around CMake to make the web browser plugin compile again under Linux. Attached my results, untar into platforms/unix of svn 2205 (btw, platforms/Cross as of 2203 won't compile, b/c of Alien apparently).

I adapted the scripts a bit, and updated the documentation, but mainly it's the dozen lines in npsqueak/CMakeLists.txt that makes this work ... the plugin itself is unchanged since 2005. I must say I'm beginning to like CMake, though it's tough to get started.

To test after make install run npsqueakregister, and symlink an Etoys image (e.g. from squeakland.org's etoys-to-go) into
~/.npsqueak/SqueakPlugin.image or /usr/local/lib/squeak/SqueakPlugin.image and then go to squeakland.org/showcase in your web browser.

I don't have an idea yet how to modify this so that Etoys could use different folders (e.g. not ~/.npsqueak but ~/.etoys, and similarly for the user dir). The best would be to run "etoys" instead of "squeak" but I don't know how to configure npsqueakrun to do that (besides, the current etoys script would stumble over the browserPipes argument ...)

On a slightly unrelated note, could we automatically enable -xshm in the squeak script, if it is available? I included yet another fix for realpath() and the debug output, but don't know how to check for xshm. 

- Bert -

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