[etoys-dev] Re: Brand new Ubuntu experience with etoys

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Fri May 7 18:39:17 EDT 2010

Hi all,

Bert has mentioned to me that loading from the distributor is the desired way to go. So here is a report on installing etoys after a fresh install of 
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS


The Ubuntu install was straight forward. 
iso download. burn bootable disk. boot from cd. install.

Ubuntu software center > education > etoys > select install.


Open firefox >
Squeakland.org >
Showcase >
All >
Music Chord game >

You do not seem to have the Etoys plugin installed.
Please download the plugin here and then run the installer.

You could also download Musit Chord game.011.pr and open it in Etoys.

Following the plugin here link gets me to the download page.

This gives me several options

Windows Macintosh Etoys to Go

Older Versions

Okay. The option I wanted to find was:

Given that Etoys is already installed install it as a plugin for the Firefox (or Opera) or etc. browser.

What I think I am being offered is a chance to install Etoys from scratch or to install it over the Ubuntu provided package.

I do not wish to risk this since one of my purposes is to observe the Etoys package provided.

So this is a heads up. The Ubuntu provided package for 10.04 does not include hooking up the plugin. (It probably should.)

The download page does not include an explicit option to just install the plugin. It should definitely mention it explicitly since you link there from a place that tells me I will find the plugin there.

The download page does not make it clear if I can used my installed Etoys as the basis for the plugin or not. Without that information proceeding would invalidate my experiments.

I look forward to you response.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace


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