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Tue May 4 16:55:13 EDT 2010

Bert Freudenberg uploaded a new version of Network to project Etoys:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Network-bf.3
Author: bf
Time: 4 May 2010, 1:54:55 pm
UUID: 66494029-022e-4ec2-8ef7-ba0a32998aab
Ancestors: Network-bf.2

- fix typo introduced in Network-bf.2

=============== Diff against Network-bf.2 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: ServerDirectory>>putUpdate: (in category 'updates') -----
  putUpdate: fileStrm
  	"Put this file out as an Update on the servers of my group.  Each version of the system may have its own set of update files, or they may all share the same files.  'updates.list' holds the master list.  Each update is a fileIn whose name begins with a number.  See Utilities class readServerUpdatesThrough:saveLocally:updateImage:.
  	When two sets of updates are stored on the same directory, one of them has a * in its 
  serverUrls description.  When that is true, the first word of the description is put on
  the front of 'updates.list', and that index file is used."
  	| myServers updateStrm newName response localName seq indexPrefix listContents version versIndex lastNum stripped |
  	localName _ fileStrm localName.
  	fileStrm size = 0 ifTrue:
  		[^ self inform: 'That file has zero bytes!!  May have a new name.'].
  	(fileStrm contentsOfEntireFile includes: Character linefeed)
  		ifTrue: [self notifyWithLabel:  'That file contains linefeeds.  Proceed if...
  you know that this is okay (e.g. the file contains raw binary data).'].
  	fileStrm reset.
  	(self checkNames: {localName}) ifFalse: [^ nil].	"illegal characters"
  	response _ (PopUpMenu labels: 'Install update\Cancel update' withCRs)
  		startUpWithCaption: 'Do you really want to broadcast the file "', localName, '"
  as an update for every user of "', SystemVersion current version, '"
  who updates from server group "', self groupName, '"?'.
  	response = 1 ifFalse: [^ nil].	"abort"
  	self openGroup.
  	indexPrefix _ (self groupName includes: $*) 
  		ifTrue: [(self groupName findTokens: ' ') first]	"special for internal updates"
  		ifFalse: ['']. 	"normal"
  	myServers _ self checkServersWithPrefix: indexPrefix
  					andParseListInto: [:x | listContents _ x].
  	myServers size = 0 ifTrue: [self closeGroup.  ^ self].
  	version _ SystemVersion current version.
  	versIndex _ (listContents collect: [:pair | pair first]) indexOf: version.
  	versIndex = 0 ifTrue:
  		[self inform: 'There is no section in updates.list for your version'.
  		self closeGroup.  ^ nil].	"abort"
  	"A few affirmations..."
  	versIndex < listContents size ifTrue:
  		[(self confirm: 'This system, ', version ,
  				' is not the latest version.\Make update for an older version?' withCRs)
  			ifFalse: [self closeGroup.  ^ nil]].	"abort"
  	(listContents at: versIndex) last isEmpty ifTrue:
  		[(self confirm: 'Please confirm that you mean to issue the first update for ' ,
  						version , '\(otherwise something is wrong).' withCRs)
  			ifFalse: [self closeGroup.  ^ nil]].
  	"We now determine next update number to be max of entire index"
  	lastNum _ listContents inject: 0 into:
  		[:max :pair | pair last isEmpty
  					ifTrue: [max]
  					ifFalse: [max max: pair last last initialIntegerOrNil]].
  	"Save old copy of updates.list on local disk"
  	FileDirectory default deleteFileNamed: indexPrefix , 'updates.list.bk'.
  	Utilities writeList: listContents toStream: (FileStream fileNamed: indexPrefix , 'updates.list.bk').
  	"append name to updates with new sequence number"
  	seq _ (lastNum + 1) printString padded: #left to: 4 with: $0.
  	"strip off any old seq number"
  	stripped _ localName copyFrom: (localName  findFirst: [:c | c isDigit not]) to: localName size.
  	newName _ seq , stripped.
  	listContents at: versIndex put:
  		{version. (listContents at: versIndex) last copyWith: newName}.
  	"Write a new copy on all servers..."
  	updateStrm _ ReadStream on:
  		(String streamContents: [:s | Utilities writeList: listContents toStream: s]).
  	myServers do:
  		[:aServer |
  		fileStrm reset.	"reopen"
  		aServer putFile: fileStrm named: newName retry: true.
  		updateStrm reset.
  		aServer putFile: updateStrm named: indexPrefix , 'updates.list' retry: true.
  		Transcript show: 'Update ', newName, ' succeeded on server ', aServer moniker; cr].
  	self closeGroup.
  	Transcript cr; show: 'Be sure to test your new update!!'; cr.
  	"rename the file locally (may fail)"
  	fileStrm close.
  	(fileStrm isKindOf: StandardFileStream)
+ 		ifTrue: [fileStrm directory rename: localName toBe: newName].
- 		ifTrue: [directory rename: localName toBe: newName].

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