[etoys-dev] ANN: Waveplace in Haiti 2010

Timothy Falconer teefal at squeakland.org
Sun Mar 21 12:35:09 EDT 2010

Hi everyone,

I'm sitting here with Beth Santos, about to board a plane to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti where we'll be joined by Bill Stelzer and John Engle.

After spending the night at John's house, we'll fly to the island of Lagonav where we'll start a two week workshop at Matènwa Community Learning Center with Chris Low, Benaja Antoine, 20 trainee mentors, and 26 children.  Our goal is for these twenty mentors to train another twenty mentors, so that they can all lead eight Waveplace pilots using XO laptops and Squeak Etoys, all in the next two months.  Hopefully this will set the stage for a much larger deployment this summer, starting with our expanded workshop in St John in late May (May 24th to June 2nd).

I'd like to extend a huge thank you to OLPC for redonating the 200 laptops that are being used by the 40 mentors and 160 children in Haiti.  Adam, Nia, Matt, and SJ have been invaluable to Waveplace in the last two months.  OLPC is truly a great organization.

I've been blogging each morning for the last ten days, and will continue to blog every morning throughout the next six weeks.   Follow along at:


We'll also be twittering frequently, so please subscribe to http://twitter.com/waveplace.

Anyway, here we go folks.  It's been a busy two months, but we'll be there in a few hours.

Take care,

Timothy Falconer
Waveplace Foundation

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