[etoys-dev] GSoC - I would like to participate as a student

Ricardo Moran richi.moran at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 22:52:28 EDT 2010


I'm interested in working as a student for the "Squeakland education
project". I think I can do a nice job, I have some experience in Smalltalk
and Etoys and I know how to develop tiles for specific purposes. I'm very
interested in Etoys and, of course, I think this is a great opportunity for

I've never participated in GSoC before, so I'm not really aware of the
process. I'm reading all the articles I could find, though.

Regarding the project proposal, I think I understand most of it but I would
like to know a little more detail of what you're thinking (especially in the
"Learner and Teacher Feedback" part).

I hope you find me worthy of consideration to participate in the program :)

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