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Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Mar 16 07:06:47 EDT 2010

On 16.03.2010, at 02:26, Kathleen Harness wrote:
> Hello, 
> I tried to enter these comments in Jira but got a message that I was not permitted to post, even though I was logged in and have done so before. The error message linked to a form fbut there was no form there.

Mailing to support911-at-immuexa.com is the Right Thing To Do in such a case.

>  I do get lost in Jira, sorry.

I still don't like it either. Yes, I know the saying about the gift horse, but what if what we need is a farm horse rather than a thoroughbred? Suggestions welcome.

> anyway . . .

Anyway ...

> I revised Sdenka's Spanish translations, with her permission, so those guides are now aligned with Etoys 4. I sent Sdenka a zip file of them and also posted them on EtoysIllinois. I will be happy to send the zip file, just tell me addresses.

Once JIRA works again for you I think it would be best to attach to the relevant tickets.

> The Italian translations of the guides are aligned with Etoys 4 and are posted on EtoysIllinois . I can send them in a zip file too. They were translated by a volunteer; Stephen Trofinoff who works at NCSA/UIUC. All of the tiles and menus are not yet translated into Italian but the guides may be useful as a starting place for teachers. 
> Future quick guide translations include: French, German, Portuguese, Greek and Japanese
> I am in contact with volunteers for all of these languages.  Some are being translated directly into Etoys and those I will just edit so they all look similar to the original spacing and placements. Other translators are typing text into word documents and I will retype into the guides.They work at their own pace; I will tell you when I have news.

Awesome! Thank you :)

> The directory/folder link in Bert's note is one I will try later in the week, we may be getting to the edge of my knowledge in that area but I will try.
> Regards,
> Kathleen

Hehe. I think it's simple, but don't hesitate to ask here :)

- Bert -

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