[etoys-dev] New update stream

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Mar 8 18:50:02 EST 2010

Hi folks,

with help from Ken Causey I set up a new update stream at


This snippet makes that update server available to the image (adapted from setupServerDirectoryForSqueakland):

	| d |
	d := DAVMultiUserServerDirectory on: 'http://etoys.squeak.org/updates'.
	d altUrl: 'http://etoys.squeak.org/updates'.
	d moniker: 'Etoys Updates'.
	d groupName: 'etoys'.
	Utilities classPool at: #UpdateUrlLists put: nil.
	ServerDirectory inImageServers keysDo: [:k | ServerDirectory inImageServers removeKey: k].
	ServerDirectory inImageServers at: 'Etoys Updates' put: d.
	Utilities updateUrlLists add: (Array with: 'Etoys Updates' with: #('etoys.squeak.org/')).

Also, to bump the Etoys version number for development:

	SystemVersion newVersion: 'etoys4.1'

We should probably put this into a final changeset at the tinlizzie stream - can someone prepare a changeset? Anything else that needs to go in there?

To publish a changeset to the new stream, save it to a file (proper name with initials appended), select it in a file list, and choose "broadcast as update" from the menu. 

You need an account for that - please make a password on your local machine using "htpasswd -n name" and send me or Ken the output (privately). It looks like "name:X3ebVz1FFcmLc" where "name" is your desired username.

Since we want to switch to Monticello-based updates ASAP it would be good to get the recategorization done that Karl started and put those changes into the stream.

- Bert -

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