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Mon Jun 28 23:57:58 EDT 2010

Ricardo Moran uploaded a new version of Etoys to project Etoys:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Etoys-Richo.31
Author: Richo
Time: 29 June 2010, 12:57:19 am
UUID: e498d1c9-fffe-784b-aeb6-2ef3df6a2b8d
Ancestors: Etoys-bf.30

* When dragging out the parameter tile from the repeat tile it used to throw an error. 

=============== Diff against Etoys-bf.30 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: TimesRow>>timesPad (in category 'accessing') -----
  	"Answer the TilePadMorph at the top of the tile
  	tree for the times part. Guard against repeating
  	less than 0 times"
  	| number |
+ 	timesPad submorphs isEmpty ifTrue: [
+ 		timesPad addMorphBack: (TileMorph new addArrows; setLiteral: 0; addSuffixArrow; yourself)
+ 	].
  	((number := timesPad submorphs first) isKindOf: TileMorph)
  		ifTrue: [number literal < 0
  				ifTrue: [number literal: 0]].
  	^ timesPad!

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