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Steve Thomas sthomas1 at gosargon.com
Sat Jun 26 22:19:50 EDT 2010

Yes useful, has my vote.

I like that each playfield has its own timer, which allows for multiple
timers and that you can reset them.

   1. Assuming inclusion in the next release for documentation purposes at
   what point does the timer roll over?
   2. Hmmm, I added two playfields and brought watchers for their timers out
   for display (about 41 seconds apart), then I saved the project and re-opened
   it and the values before save were about 40 and 81.  On closing Etoys and
   re-opening the project, the timer values increaded to ~1073635 and 1073686
   (still maintaining the 41 second difference, but I saw the numbers jump on
   open from 40, 81 to the big numbers.
   3. On project open do the timers keep their values from last save, it
   seems that is what happened with TimerTest.001.pr
   4. The timers do not seem to start until you open the Viewer and select
   the category playfield which is seems fine for all object with a playfield
   category is this the same for World's timer?


On Sat, Jun 26, 2010 at 12:16 PM, Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de>wrote:

> This is related to the discussion of non-accurate tick rates:
> http://tracker.squeakland.org/browse/SQ-708
> There currently is no good way to measure real time in Etoys. The Clock
> object is only accurate to one second.
> So I'm proposing to have a global timer, in seconds, but with milli-second
> resolution. There would be a tile for accessing it in the world's
> "playfield" category (actually any playfield / holder).
> This would allow to do animations etc to proceed in real time, independent
> of the actual tick rate of a script.
> I just posted a proposed implementation to the inbox (Etoys-bf.31). Also,
> find attached an example project.
> Would that be generally useful?
> - Bert -
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