[etoys-dev] SQ-673 - Sound Save scripting tile

Steve Thomas sthomas1 at gosargon.com
Fri Jun 25 02:17:29 EDT 2010


The addition of the save tiles is most welcome, thank you.  I loaded
SoundRecorderSave.1.cs from SQ-672, and it works fine on Macintosh.

Some thoughts:

   1. new tile in the "sound recorder" category: "save button hit", perhaps
   simply "save" would be better?
   2. new tile in the "sound recorder" category: "save without user
   interaction" ...
      1. This is a useful tile, but it seems I have no control over the
      sound name and on first save it saves it as "new sound" then "new sound2"
      2. Perhaps letting the user specify the filename as a "parameter" in
      the tile would be better. This way I could know when they
recorded the sound
      and be sure I can play back the sound I want.

FYI, I did not see these tiles in Etoys4.1 when I loaded "Sound-kfr.7.mcz"

Many thanks for this and the other fixes.

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