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Thu Jun 17 10:25:54 EDT 2010

Got it!

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>Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 16:00:39 +0200
>From: Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de>  
>Subject: Re: [etoys-dev] New tiles  
>To: etoys-dev dev <etoys-dev at squeakland.org>
>   On 17.06.2010, at 14:37, Steve Thomas wrote:
>     On Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 7:18 AM, Bert Freudenberg
>     <bert at freudenbergs.de> wrote:
>       Karl, and all,
>       when adding tiles or making other changes that
>       directly affect the user interface, please
>       announce this so educators can comment, and the
>       documentation can be updated (e.g., the
>       reference manual).
>     Agreed will bring it up along at meeting.
>       These two new commands don't seem too useful to
>       me, as they are also available in the halo menu
>       (and if they are not, they should be).
>     Not available in Halo menu and having them
>     scriptable would help with lessons on
>     transformation
>   If they were menu items (as they should) then you
>   could also use them in scripts.
>       > additionsToViewerCategories
>       > + (command flip 'Flip left right' Player)
>       > + (command tumble 'Flip up down' Player)
>       E.g. for the release notes we do not need to
>       list every single bug fix, but UI changes like
>       this should be mentioned.
>       IMHO it would be a good idea in general to
>       separate bug fixes and features. Subbu fixed a
>       bug, but also "sneaked in" the new tiles.
>     What are the new tiles, is there a changeset we
>     can load to evaluate them?
>   The flip tiles.
>     Also developers on very rare occasions have good
>     ideas ;) 
>     Being able "play with them" to evaluate them would
>     be helpful.  
>     If there is a way to do this without "corrupting"
>     the source code repository that would help.
>   Code changes can be had in a project file - just
>   like Richo's demo projects.
>   In this case the change has already been committed
>   to the repository.
>   We don't have a proper alpha release yet, but to
>   play with all the new code, download the dev version
>   from
>   http://etoys.squeak.org/download/
>   load updates, and save the image. To make a "user
>   version" from this, enable the "etoy friendly"
>   preference before saving the image. 
>   - Bert -
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