[etoys-dev] Etoys: Etoys-kfr.24.mcz

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Wed Jun 16 18:39:38 EDT 2010

Karl Ramberg uploaded a new version of Etoys to project Etoys:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Etoys-kfr.24
Author: kfr
Time: 17 June 2010, 12:39:07 am
UUID: cfe33825-e7a6-094d-b768-4b220e96af8c
Ancestors: Etoys-kfr.23

Function tile not translated

trnFuncHelp-KR is the proposed patch for translating balloon help

=============== Diff against Etoys-kfr.23 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: FunctionNameTile>>showOptions (in category 'choice of function') -----
  	"Put up a pop-up menu of options for the operator tile within me."
  	| aMenu aTable |
  	aMenu := MenuMorph new defaultTarget: self.
  	aTable := ScriptingSystem tableOfNumericFunctions.
  	aTable do:
  		[:triplet |
  			aMenu add: triplet first translated target: self  selector:  #setOperator: argument: triplet second.
  			triplet second = operatorOrExpression ifTrue:
  				[aMenu lastItem color: Color red].
+ 			aMenu balloonTextForLastItem: triplet third translated].
- 			aMenu balloonTextForLastItem: triplet third].
  	aMenu addTranslatedList:
  		('parentheses'  grouped 'enclose within parentheses')) translatedNoop.
  	operatorOrExpression = #grouped ifTrue:
  		[aMenu lastItem color: Color red].
  	(owner owner isKindOf: TilePadMorph) ifTrue:
  		[aMenu addLine.
  		operatorOrExpression = #grouped
  				[aMenu addTranslatedList:
  					#(('remove function' removeFunction  'strip away the function call, leaving just its former argument in its place')) translatedNoop.]
  				[aMenu addTranslatedList:
  					#(('remove parentheses' removeFunction  'strip away the parenthesises')) translatedNoop]].
  	aMenu position: self position.
  	aMenu invokeModal

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