[etoys-dev] Video - Etoys on iPad

David Corking lists at dcorking.com
Wed Jun 16 10:20:36 EDT 2010

Bert said:
>> Would anyone mind if I commit the touch-related changes to the main
>> repository?

Good. I hope Squeak Trunk will accept it too.

Subbu said:
> Does it work like a sticky key or do you have
> to keep it pressed when touching the object to bring out the halo? The former
> is easier on young learners but you may have to have it change color to
> indicate its 'hot' status. Or one must be able to drag a 'hand' icon from this
> key to the object being 'halo'ed.

The button in Bert's video is not sticky, but I suggest that it should
be for that reason (also easier for white boards)

I propose a similar button for the hover action (which I think is
always balloon help).

It would be great if sticky halo (blue) and hover buttons could be
enabled by a preference reachable from the Sugar menu bar, as they
have general accessibility uses, not just for touch screens.  For
example, they could be useful for one-button Macs, and with some
further tweaks, for learners with less fine motor control, or who
can't distinguish left from right, or simply left-handed users using a
kiosk PC with right-handed mouse preferences.

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