[etoys-dev] DrGeo artifact in Etoys inbox

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sun Jun 13 18:52:12 EDT 2010

Hi Hilaire,

I finally found some time to look at the Dr Geo code. Since it is pretty self-contained and includes rather few extension methods, I felt safe to commit it to the etoys main repo. Thank you for this contribution!

Once we made an alpha build we hopefully will get feedback from the educators, but for now I'd appreciate developer's opinions. All, please comment :)

Issues I noticed:

* DrGeoII-core refers to DrGeoWindow and DrGeoService, both do not exist
* there is an undeclared "dirty" inst var in both DrGMathItem and DrGMathItemCostume
* DrGService class>>descriptionForPartsBin should use #translatedNoop, not #translated

Would be nice if you could fix those.

Otherwise it seems to work fine (though I'm not fluent enough with it to do much). Maybe you could contribute an example project, too?

Also, I think I remember reading about a nicer UI - are you still working on that?

- Bert -

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