[etoys-dev] DrGeo artifact in Etoys inbox

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire.fernandes at edu.ge.ch
Fri Jun 4 16:07:21 EDT 2010

Korakurider a écrit :

>   Are you saying that you will load DrGeoII-Core, and both
> DrGeoII-Polymorph and DrGeoII-Etoys to Pharo image and generate one
> big DrGeoII.pot ?
> I thought Etoys had been unloaded from Pharo image and DrGeoII-Etoys
> can't be loaded there...

I merge the messages manually in one DrGeoII.pot

> Now I think we have a couple of options.  Comment welcome.
> Options1:
>     + People translate one big DrGeoII.po on ofset Pootle.
>     + Etoys manage to pull the DrGeoII.po and merge to DrGeoII-Core.po
> and DrGeoII-Etoys.po.

I prefer this option. And DrGeoII.po could be on SugarLabs Pootle as well.

> Options2: (Assumption:  Strings covered in DrGeoII-Etoys.pot and
> DrGeoII-Polymorph.pot are same)
>     + People translate DrGeoII-Core.po and DrGeoII-Etoys.po on SugarLabs Pootle.
>     + You manage to pull and merge both POs to DrGeoII.po.
> Both solution set assumptions that there will be no difference between
> Etoys repo and Pharo repo in standpoint of translatable strings in
> code.
> If this is wrong, it might be inevitable to duplicate the effort
> unfortunately...

So changes should be submitted upstream if necessary.


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