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Steve Thomas stevesargon at gmail.com
Tue Jun 1 22:22:50 EDT 2010

On Mon, May 31, 2010 at 4:28 PM, Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de>

> <bertf> maybe for easier testing we should make a project with the code?
> <bertf> we have some testers that are not familiar with Smalltalk tools

Willing to help test,  a project that I can run would be simplest as I am
not familiar with Smalltalk tools.


On Mon, May 31, 2010 at 4:28 PM, Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de>wrote:

> Hi all,
> we just had a chat, few people around today (it's a holiday in the US):
> * Ricardo prefers the September release schedule
> * talked mostly about camera and movies
> * need replacement for the spam-ridden forums. help welcome.
> Full log below, as usual. And see you next Monday, same time:
>        http://tinyurl.com/368xxgn
> - Bert -
> <Richo2> hi
> <Richo2> :)
> <bertf> ugh, I'm late
> -*- bertf apoligizes
> <bertf> apologizes, even ;)
> <bertf> hi Richo2
> <Richo2> hi bert
> <bertf> anyone else here?
> <rockyBoland> I am
> <Richo2> hi rockyBoland
> <rockyBoland> hi
> <bertf> small group :)
> <bertf> Richo2: translation stuff is starting to look good :)
> <bertf> do you have an opinion abou the release schedule?
> <Richo2> thanks
> <Richo2> yes
> <Richo2> I think I prefer the second option
> <Richo2> just yesterday I added Andreas code
> <Richo2> for font support
> <bertf> Yes, saw that.
> <Richo2> and even though his code works fine, I'm worried of introducing a
> lot of new bugs
> <Richo2> having more time to found them and fix them is good
> <bertf> yes. we first need to switch over to using that code and then give
> it some time for testing
> <jecel> Would it be interesting to have the translation stuff in the basic
> Squeak? It would be nice if the GUI elements such as menus and buttons could
> be in local languages
> <bertf> Korakurider is working on getting the subversion repo into shape
> <bertf> jecel: definitely
> <bertf> I also tried http://www.squeaksource.com/WebCamMorph.html
> <bertf> copied the CameraPlugin from Scratch, works
> <bertf> (on Mac)
> <bertf> should work elsewhere too
> <bertf> rockyBoland: do you have some specific issue, or do you just want
> to listen in?
> <rockyBoland> mostly just listening in.  I am considering using etoys to
> build a game for teaching GCD and LCM algorithms.
> --> matmo (~chatzilla at doconnel.force9.co.uk) has joined #etoys
> <matmo> hi all
> <Richo2> hi
> <bertf> ah, matmo
> <bertf> was just saying I tried WebCamMorph on Mac, works
> <matmo> great :-)
> <bertf> was surprised it drags in the plugin class. we don't use MC
> dependencies normally
> <bertf> and we do not have VM classes in the Etoys image
> <bertf> no VMMaker either
> <bertf> there is a bug when you rotate it
> <matmo> dependency removed
> <bertf> and duplicating it gives odd issues too :)
> <matmo> I had not thought of rotation or duplication yet but will check it
> out
> <bertf> maybe for easier testing we should make a project with the code?
> <bertf> we have some testers that are not familiar with Smalltalk tools
> <matmo> what issues have you got with duplication?
> <bertf> when closing one it stopped the other IIRC
> <bertf> I don't think we need to support duplicating it
> <matmo> projects, yes, there should be a some in a few days time (if
> squeakland upload works)
> <bertf> I thought the problems are specific to thomas' account
> <bertf> or do you have problems uploading too?
> --> karlram (~51aa9a20 at skylab.immuexa.com) has joined #etoys
> <matmo> IIRC I tried an upload last week and failed (will check again).
> Also had problems saving. Will submit reports when I've had a chance to
> recheck it's not something I have done or doing.
> <bertf> karlram: hi
> <karlram> hi
> <matmo> hi
> <karlram> hi
> <matmo> the "movie" morph doesn't look like it has had much looove :-)
> <bertf> matmo: when more people have seen it maybe we can come up with a
> sensible list of tiles for it.
> <bertf> for now it seems you just threw everythin in ;)
> <bertf> the movie morph is one of the abandoned demos
> <matmo> sure. I've actually paired it down but any/all suggestions welcome
> <bertf> not much love indeed
> <bertf> well there are some unusual concepts, like the holder reference for
> storing frames
> <bertf> (in webcammorph)
> <matmo> what would you call storage for snapshots?
> <matmo> album
> <matmo> album?
> <karlram> there is also a internal video format
> <bertf> matmo: if possible, that should not be built-in
> <bertf> but rather you would write a script that gets a frame and puts it
> in a holder
> <bertf> that would be the "Etoys way"
> <bertf> though the idea of using moviemorph to hold frames might be
> interesting
> <matmo> I was thinking "convenience" and in that particular example taking
> multiple snapshots as fast as capturing
> <karlram> it would be nice if we could get project publishing work with
> videos
> <bertf> well, Etoys isn't really about "convenience", but about learning
> how stuff works ;)
> <matmo> the "manual mode" gives the script writer full control
> <bertf> yes. I think for a first iteration, that is all there should be
> <bertf> becasue it is impossible to remove features later
> <matmo> agree, I completely open to suggestions re use in learning context.
> I'm not in education so happily defer to others opinion
> <bertf> once we know how people would like to use it we can add convenience
> features, as needed
> <matmo> ok, so remove auto-capture?
> <bertf> well, hide at least
> <bertf> there are some tiles that are hidden in "etoy-friendly" mode
> <bertf> but if you are okay with removing it, that would be a good option
> for now too
> <bertf> makes code review simpler
> <matmo> ok, I'll take a look
> <bertf> do you have an idea about how to deal with the old cameramorph?
> <bertf> karlram: publishing movies doesn't work?
> <-- karlram (~51aa9a20 at skylab.immuexa.com) has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
> <bertf> oh. we lost karl
> <matmo> re camermorph, would it siffice to remove it from Objects tool?
> <bertf> Richo2: did you have anything else to chat about?
> <matmo> suffice
> <bertf> matmo: that's one option
> <rockyBoland> This chat room is obviously about etoys development.  Is
> there a chat room or mailing list for etoys users?
> <bertf> it could also be rewritten to use CameraPlugin
> <Richo2> bertf: no, thanks
> <bertf> rockyBoland: not really
> <matmo> rewriting, yep, I planned to look at doing that
> <bertf> rockyBoland: most etoys users apparentyl don't liek chat rooms :)
> <matmo> many things, little time ;-)
> <bertf> it would allow older projects to work, if those should exist
> <rockyBoland> What about for people who want to develop projects using
> etoys?
> <matmo> ok, I will bump it up the list
> <bertf> rockyBoland: those are what I call "etoys users"
> <jecel> rockyBoland: this is a weekly developers meeting. The rest of the
> time this channel is very quiet and can certainly be used for general user
> questions
> <bertf> rockyBoland: but the better option is to write an email to the
> squeakland list
> <rockyBoland> Will do that.  Sorry for interrupting your meeting.
> <bertf> no need to apoligize :)
> -*- bertf can't spell that word
> <jecel> Besides the list, there were also some online forums, right? I
> don't know how those are doing these days
> <bertf> attracting spam
> <bertf> we're considering to shut them down
> <bertf> replacing with google groups or yahoo groups or something like that
> <jecel> Ok, then the list is certainly the best place for users
> <bertf> needs to have a  list gateway and forum view and spam protection
> <matmo> trying an upload to squeakland in a mo
> <bertf> ok
> <bertf> I'll call this meeting closed - everyone is welcome to stay around
> and chat of course.
> <bertf> the channel is open 24/7
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