[etoys-dev] Morph fileIn/out

Ricardo Moran richi.moran at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 10:07:05 EDT 2010

Hi guys, I saved two commits to the Inbox (Morphic-Richo.30 and
System-Richo.24). I didn't uploaded that change to Etoys yet because I
wanted to ask what you think of them.

The first one changes the fileIn/fileOut mechanism of Morph. I tested the
old behavior and it removed the morph's scripts so AFAICT it was kinda
useless. So I changed it following a Nebraska code example which seems to
work quite well if you don't have outside references in your script.
I also added an external drop handler for ".morph" files. The old behavior
asked the user if he wants to load as a project or as a morph. This wasn't
working so I matched its behavior with Morph's fileIn/out new mechanism.

I don't know if the old behavior is needed for some reason, that's why I'm
asking before pushing it to Etoys.

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