[etoys-dev] Re: the Roulette Project

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Fri Jan 22 02:10:49 EST 2010

  Hehe, my version of Roulette is available at:


The description in the project says:

A remake of Mr. Yokoyama's (former principal of Wada Elementary
School) Etoy for first graders.  A painting with a bit of tools and
just one script with one line (and tick rate change) to make a
sufficiently engaging project for 6 years old.

This can be later extended to talk about angles and probability.

Notably, with this kind of simple projects as the starter,
Mr. Yokoyama successfully get the eco-system where the older kids make
projects and teach projects to younger kids.

  Yes, one of the disturbing things is that I have no idea why a
project never shows up on the site...

  Mr. Yokoyama came to Squeakfest in Chicago several years ago and
presented his experience.  "Roulette" was one of projects he showed,
and people were quite impressed with the effort.

  Even after he retired, the "legacy" stays and they still use Etoys
at the school on Saturday special sessions.  He has many projects for
kids and improve them always...

-- Yoshiki

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