[etoys-dev] Fwd: How can I tell if a Scripting Tile is moved into a script?

Steve Thomas sthomas1 at gosargon.com
Tue Jan 19 00:25:37 EST 2010


I am working on a Etoys Tutorial similar to Etoys Challange and I want to be
able to detect if certain tiles were used (or not used), so that I can
provide "pop up" hints to users.

I tried creating a script on a "Scripting Tile Holder", but as soon as I
move the "Scripting Tile Holder" the script disappears (literally, off the
screen and it is removed from the object).

To recreate: Open Etoys Challenge, then create a script for one the
Scripting Tiles (ex:Car forward by 10), then move the Scripting Tile with
you mouse and the script disappears.

Another possible solution would be to somehow use reflection to see what is
in a particular script, but I would need help in figuring out how to do

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