[etoys-dev] Compressing sources

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire.fernandes at edu.ge.ch
Fri Jan 15 14:22:19 EST 2010

Rita Freudenberg a écrit :

>> Remember this is a learning machine, and most of the kids won't have 
>> access to a different machine for a long time. Reading the source code 
>> in its original form, with comments and formatting preserved is much 
>> better than looking at decompiled code. We don't want to give them a 
>> "magic black box" but something they can disassemble and learn from.
> I strongly second that. With Etoys on the XO, I expect more 
> children/teachers are going further and deeper into Etoys and Squeak. It 
> is one of my goals for Squeakland to make this easier. There already is 
> the option to show the source code of a script. And then you need to 
> find exactly that sourcecode in your system. 

Sure I know this argument, I even use it or experienced it many years 
ago with Free Software, but if the target is the kid, this is purely 
anedoctical. In that case, kids *may* have a better chance to learn 
something about programming with the Python environment or something in 
the line of BotsInc. But even in these conditions your are only 
targeting a very tiny fraction of the kids.


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