[etoys-dev] Re: [Sugar-devel] Etoys: toolbar

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Jan 6 16:38:13 EST 2010

On 06.01.2010, at 22:25, Ted Kaehler wrote:
> Folks,
> 	I have encountered this problem before.  There is a bitmap with an icon blended into it with anti-aliasing.  I want to change the color of the icon.  Just changing the color in place leaves an edge of the old color where the anti-aliased blending was before.
> 	The original bitmap was made from layers using an app like photoshop.  We need to preserve the layers.
> 	I propose that somewhere on the web we keep the original layers as separate bitmaps.  Perhaps the bitmap inside Squeak could have a good name.  Using the name and Google, one could easily find the files for the layers.  A programmer can go get the layers, and re-compose them into a new bitmap with different colors.
> 	We need a convention for naming the layers folder, so Google can find it.  Something like (Squeak Etoys ToolBarSave icon layers).
> --Ted.

Why not use the original vector art icons just like for the XO icon?

(OLPCSupport xoCharacterWithHeight: 40
	insideColor: Color green
	outsideColor: Color red) 
		asMorph openInHand

Sugar's icons are SVGs. I can't quite remember how we converted that to Flash for import in Etoys. Maybe some Adobe tool. But we did it before.

Either way is fine of course. And not having the "keep" icon colorized is certainly not a blocker ;)

- Bert -

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