[etoys-dev] Re: [Sugar-devel] Etoys: toolbar

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Jan 6 10:10:28 EST 2010

On 06.01.2010, at 11:54, Simon Schampijer wrote:
> Hi,
> Some thoughts that came up today - I will turn into bugs or discard 
> after feedback.
> Is there a reason the etoys save a copy (keep as) button is not colored 
> like in other activities?

The toolbar is using bitmapped icons, so recoloring is harder. Not impossible though - like, when sharing, the joining buddy's XO icon gets colorized because it uses a vector renderer. 

> Is there a reason the stop button is not the most right one like in 
> other activities?

The "toolbar toggle" button was added in the last version and it seemed to make most sense on the far right. Might be going to change though - there is a related ticket you could comment on: 


> The secondary options of the buttons in the toolbar have different ways 
> of accessing.
> - the load from server/save to server is accessed by holding the mouse 
> button pressed longer
> - the share button opens the options after one click
> - the store/lager opens other options after one click (the secondary 
> toolbar has a different layout than the share options)

There are no hover-palettes in Etoys. The long-click to reveal "hidden" save and load options predates Sugar. Same for the Supplies flap, which explains its look. The only new thing is the share button's menu, which was made to look similar to the regular Sugar palettes.

Now that you point it out it does indeed feel inconsistent compared to other activities. A ticket may be in order (though I have no real idea how to solve it).

- Bert -

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