[etoys-dev] 2010 squeakland schedule

Timothy Falconer teefal at squeakland.org
Mon Jan 4 07:31:27 EST 2010

Hi everyone,

Happy New Decade!  

My Squeakland schedule will be rather specific for a while, given that I need to make more room in my week for billable work.  (Viewpoints funding has ended.)

I'm blocking out Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 1pm ET and 4pm ET (18:00 GMT to 21:00pm GMT), for nine hours a week.

All of my Squeakland work needs to be done during these hours until we get some funds in to cover more of my time.

Let's keep the software team meeting at 3pm (20:00 GMT) on Mondays.

I'd like to move the business meeting to another day so we don't have too much talk all at once.   Let's start with Wednesday at 3pm ET (20:00 GMT).  This also frees up my time before the software meet to actually prepare for it :)

As for the education team meeting, I'll be able to attend when it falls within my "office hours", but otherwise not.  I will continue with my two units as I am able.  Also, I'm actively calling science centers and children's museums for partnering opportunities, so courseware will undoubtedly come from this.

My family is relocating to Cambridge, Massachusetts for four months in a few weeks, which should be interesting for Squeakland, given all things Sugar, OLPC, and MIT, etc.

Anyway, thanks everyone for your continuing efforts.  Let's make 2010 a great year for Etoys!

Take care,

Timothy Falconer
Squeakland Foundation
"Intelligence is what you use when you don't know what to do."  ... piaget

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