[etoys-dev] etoys software meet today at 3:00pm ET (20:00 GMT)

Timothy Falconer teefal at squeakland.org
Mon Feb 22 11:05:06 EST 2010

Hi everyone,

After a month of distraction due to our efforts to help Haiti, I'm back to being able to attend our weekly software meets on IRC.

Join me at 3:00pm ET (20:00 GMT) on #etoys on freenode for an hour.  I'll be bringing up some snags we experienced in our recent Etoys double-header pilot here in Cambridge MA.

We'll also be talking about Etoys 5 priorities again.

Thank you all for your patience.  It's really been a BUSY month.

Take care,

Timothy Falconer
Squeakland Foundation
"Intelligence is what you use when you don't know what to do."  ... piaget

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