[etoys-dev] URL links within Etoys

Steve Thomas stevesargon at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 15:10:02 EST 2010

I discovered yet another fun new feature in Etoys:
When inside a "Text" object if you type <cmd>-6 (or for you windows folks
<ctrl>-6) you get some color options, plus: *be a web URL link*
Yet when I tried this, and clicked on the link, I two prompts:

   1. Prompt: Open a browser to view this URL? (then clicked on Yes, with
   great hope and anticipation)
   2. Prompt: There are no WebBrowser applications registered (Darn, yet
   another potentially cool feature, that doesn't work and disappoints me, IMO
   we really should clean these things up, so kids have a better experience and
   don't get frustrated)
   3. Prompt: View Web Page as source (this worked, but of limited utility,
   well my mind is not yet capable of figuring out a utility yet).

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