[etoys-dev] Book Sprint Questions: Part 3

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Tue Feb 9 02:23:14 EST 2010

At Tue, 9 Feb 2010 01:50:28 -0500,
Steve Thomas wrote:
>  1. What is the difference between "Script Status Control" values: normal and paused?

  When you hit the "go" button in the "All Scripts" tool, paused
scripts will start ticking but normal ones don't.

>  2. I was able to get "Script Status Control" value "mouseLeaveDragging" to work, but could not figure out how to trigger
>     "mouseEnterDragging"

  Say you have Rectangle1 and Rectangle2, and create a script at
Rectangle1 with mouseEnterDragging.  When you pick up Rectangle2 and
drag it over to Rectangle1, the script will be triggered.

>  3. For the "Script Status Control" values of: opening and closing
>      1. Do these only apply to page (ie: page in a book) and world scripts, or are there other objects these apply to?

  Other than world and pages, only defunct code uses it; so I think it
  is safe to say it opening and closing are for world and book pages.

>  4. There are two "Script Status Control" values I do not understand (see below):
>      1. scrolledIntoView -- (Morph) when I am scrolled into view in a GeeMailMorph
>      2. scrolledOutOfView -- (Morph) when I am scrolled out of view in a GeeMailMorph

  GeeMailMorph is an unsupported Object hidden in the system.   (Say,
you open a Text, type "GeeMailMorph new openInWorld" in it and press
Ctrl-d to get it.)  In the special kind of scroll text, you can drop a
regular object.  When you scroll the pane the trigger should work...

  But now, I think (unfortunately) removing the 'more...' item when
etoyFriendly is on is the way to go...

-- Yoshiki

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