[etoys-dev] Book Sprint Questions

Steve Thomas sthomas1 at gosargon.com
Sun Feb 7 23:38:34 EST 2010

Folks couple of questions:

   1. For Variable type "ImageResolution" how can I use this? I could not
   find a matching attribute to set. FYI, valid values from pull down are
      - original (can use a lot of disk space)
      - 256 colors
      - 256 grays
      - 4 grays
      - black and white
   2. For imported images, how can I change the resolution?
   3. When I try to change a variable type to "Patch" I get a "Message Not
   Understood" message
   4. What is a Patch and how would I use it in Etoys?
   5. If you import an image; from menu choose "set as background";
      1. THEN... How do you clear the background image?
      Note this is a better way to set the background than painting a
      background (with one BIG exception, it seems to use the image
and repeat it
      to fill the background, so there is no "single smaller than world" image
      that you can easily use (yes, you could embed in a transparent sketch the
      size and background color of the world)
      2. When you set the background, the World's color attribute seems to
      be set to the image.
      To test this:
         1. drag an image into Etoys
         2. click on the images menu and then "set as backgroung"
         3. From the world's viewer, go to category color (or "fill and
         border") then drag out the assignment operator to make a
script to set the
         4. import another picture and set it as background
         5. the background to the previous image...
         So is color simply a graphic used for fill?

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