[etoys-dev] FFI working in Etoys image

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Dec 31 06:50:52 EST 2010

On 31.12.2010, at 04:08, Ricardo Moran wrote:

> Hi guys,
> For a while now I have been trying to use FFI on the latest Etoys image, but something seemed to be broken on the Etoys image. I never took the time to look at it deeply until today.  I think found the cause of this problem. It seems the Parser is not parsing external functions correctly. I fixed this by modifying the last line of Parser>>#externalFunctionDeclaration to add the pragma for the primitive 120 instead of simply returning 120 (I copied it from a squeak image). Now it seems to be working correctly and I think it doesn't have any undesirable side effect, although I'm not 100% sure. 
> I published the change on etoysinbox. I don't know if somebody finds this useful but if you think it makes no harm, I'll be happy to move it to etoys. 

SInce we do not use FFI in Etoys (we don't even ship the plugin) this should be safe. Feel free to commit.

- Bert -

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